How to reach NordVPN customer support

NordVPN has been the market leader in VPN servers for many years, provides first-class services, reliable user privacy, can overcome even the toughest site or country restrictions, and offers help from an efficient and friendly support team. However, even though it is the best VPN for today, it does not mean that it is suitable for everyone so in this article we will tell you how to get to the NordVPN support team and unsubscribe.

Detailed guide on how to unsubscribe from NordVPN

If you have ever been interested in NordVPN reviews, you may have noticed the fact that there is no way to get to NordVPN support or unsubscribe from it with just one button. If you do decide to unsubscribe from the provider and want to get your money back, you need to go through several steps. Remember, you can get your money back only if 30 days have not yet passed since the subscription, after that your money cannot be returned. So, if you do not know how to cancel nordvpn, then follow the instructions below:

  • Log in to your NordVPN account – go to the official website of the provider and log in to your account by entering the necessary data
  • Cancel automatic payment – to do this you have to look for the Dashboard tab, it will be under the My Services link. Then you will see the Change Plan button with a triple dot icon next to it, click on it, and cancel the automatic payment
  • Confirm cancelation – confirm that you consciously perform all actions and close the tab after your actions are confirmed. You will see that everything went well when the “Change Plan” button changes to “Extend Plan”.

After that, you need to contact the support team, and then we will tell you how.

How to contact NordVPN support?

To completely cancel your subscription, you need to contact support, and the vendor offers you three ways to do so:

  • Help Center

The help center contains all the necessary information and guides on how to work correctly with VPN, you just have to type in the search box the keywords related to your problem and you will immediately find the necessary articles with the solutions. But this method is not suitable for unsubscribing, it will help only in case of third-party problems like slow traffic, etc.

  • Email support

Writing an email is a great way to get in touch with the support team, just make sure you phrase your question. The clearer you are, the easier it is for the team to help you. The only disadvantage of this method is that letters are opened and answered in the priority order, so you won’t get an immediate answer.

  • Online consultant

This method is for those who need a solution to their problems right away, live chat responds to your request much faster than an email. Choose a topic from the list provided to you that fits your question and start a dialogue. Be sure that the specialists in the support service are well aware of the nuances of the server and are ready to help you professionally.

When these steps are done, you can submit a refund request. Explain to the consultant who will work with you that you want your money back, and be prepared to answer the question about the reason for your refusal, it is necessary so that in the future the company will develop and become better. You will be redirected to a refund officer and you will get every penny back.