Best Multiplayer Gaming in VR in 2021

Virtual Reality games are a whole new level of classic desktop games that allows you to fully immerse yourself in the atmosphere of the game and feel a part of it. VR devices are already gaining momentum in sales and in this article, we will tell you which games are worth a try in the action of virtual reality.

Stride Review

Whether you’re a newcomer or a seasoned VR gamer, this game is the perfect solution to show you the delights of virtual reality. You’ll find yourself surrounded by a big city and high-rise buildings on which you can jump, run and glide. The game requires a lot of physical effort and courage because everything is so realistic that it can make you dizzy (in a good way). But don’t think that this is the only point of the game, on your way, there will be obstacles in the form of bandits to fight with, you have your weapons to defend yourself, and you also have several game modes to choose from: arena, story, synchronized and endless.

PayDay 2 Review

PayDay 2 VR allows you to try to become part of the shadowy world of our society: you will act as a major robber, with your gang. The whole plot of the game revolves around robbing banks, jewelry stores, and other large-scale establishments. There are 22 main characters in the game, and the main feature of the series is the clown masks that the characters, wear when they go on business. You set your difficulty levels.

Thumper Overview

Thumper is a rhythm game in which you transform into an alien bug, whose main task is to knock down the pads on the track to change its direction and avoid the dangers in the form of impassable places or even attacking enemies. After each level you pass to a new more difficult, you get points, and if you are not satisfied with the gained amount you can always pass the level again. The game is great for developing your reaction and sense of rhythm!

Subnautica Review

If you are a fan of the underwater world and love everything related to it you have the opportunity to dive to the seabed with a unique game Subnautica. You find yourself in the water column and observe a beautiful picture of everything that contains, but the most important thing for you is to survive in the brutal conditions of the endless ocean. Your headset naturally feels like an underwater helmet, the main thing is to remember to breathe as you sink deeper and deeper.

Gather resources, build dwellings, tools, and defense weapons. As you search for the necessary components you may even come across small snippets of our planet’s history and the story of what happened to your crew after your starship crashed.

Star Wars: Squadrons Review

Space combat is a popular genre of games both on console and PC and especially in virtual reality! This first-person game will allow you to experience all the magical atmosphere of space, the adrenaline from dangerous battles, and deja vu from the familiar shots of the famous trilogy of the saga.

Choose your space plane from a long list of worthy models, and customize it as you please, infinitely improving it and adjusting it to your requirements. If you don’t experience any pleasure in fighting against bots, you can go online and fight against other players in real-time.