How to install AMD Drivers: a detailed instruction

Drivers are an important part of any computer device that keeps it in working order, if there are problems with them, for example, their version is outdated, it will immediately affect the performance of your computer. AMD drivers on Radeon graphics cards can be updated in several ways, manually, automatically, or with a special driver update program, and in this article we will describe them all in detail. Choose the way which is right for you.

What does the Radeon driver do?

The AMD Radeon driver is a kind of connection that ensures successful communication between the video card and the PC. Without a graphics driver, we wouldn’t be able to watch the pictures on your screen changing.  If the drivers are not updated in time you may notice your PC malfunctions such as application failures, problems with monitor graphics, etc.

Below we have described situations in which it is safely possible to be engaged in updating drivers:

  • New program – if a new game or another application appeared in the system
  • Improvements – If your PC requires better performance the best solution is to update the drivers
  • Bad graphics – the picture is reproduced poorly and distorted

How to Update AMD Drivers in Windows

You can update your drivers automatically using Windows Device Manager. Windows will be able to detect the latest driver updates on your PC and install the new version via the Internet by itself.  To set everything up properly you will need to:

  • Click on “start” at the bottom of your desktop and go to Device Manager
  • Find the video adapter tab and find the AMD Radeon Graphics Card option
  • Highlight the name of the video card with your mouse and click “update drivers”, the update process will start automatically and you will only have to follow the further instructions

Update AMD Radeon drivers manually

Manual update is more time-consuming but this way you have more control and know exactly what you are installing. To do this you first need to identify your video card and you can do this as follows:

  • Original box – all information will be on the box
  • Label – this is located on the side of the video card
  • With the help of a program

When you know exactly the model and manufacturer of your video card, you can perform the manual installation as follows:

  • Go to Device Manager via Start and the video adapters tab
  • Click on AMD Radeon Graphics Card and select “upgrade”
  • After that, click on “find drivers on my computer” and follow the instructions

Use the AMD Radeon Update tool

If you don’t want to waste time and money on manual installation, you can make your life as easy as possible with a special program for the radeon driver update.  It is perfectly compatible with all operating systems, can find out the type of your video card on its own, and loads only the latest versions of drivers.

Below we will tell you how to use this program:

  • On the official AMD page, download the Auto-Detect tool for Radeon Graphics drivers
  • Have the application installed following the instructions provided
  • Agree with the license agreement and the program will be ready to work.

It will find the latest versions of your drivers that you can install with just one click. Do not forget to periodically go in and check for driver updates, because it is better to personally check the success of the work than to suffer from system failures.